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On weathering seasons of change after the pandemic

By |April 28, 2021|

Just over a year ago, I had just finished filling out my schedule for the month of April when all of my plans went astray. The pandemic hadn’t really affected my daily life up to that point. I continued to do my regular job in person since we did parts for the railroad and I worked in an office alone anyway.

The inauguration of Black Joy

By |January 22, 2021|

Biden who?   Oh, that’s right. President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday, but the parade of Black magic stole the show historically, fashionably, poetically. Alla that!   It spilled into our homes as Black and [...]

Amber Scales: Help Black women create a new South

By |December 14, 2020|

While growing up in Georgia, Amber Scales learned that politics wasn’t so much about red and blue parties: it’s about the people and the movements that are making sure everyone is represented and heard.   Her lessons came from watching what she calls “community [...]

Unjustifiable Chapter Six: Point 14

By |December 14, 2020|

It was a decade after Black civil rights leaders had gathered in Birmingham to make 14 points to their white peers in Birmingham, to demand acknowledgement that Black people were still treated as second class citizens.