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Racism and purity culture: Atlanta shootings show how they’re linked

When Angie Hong heard about the purported “sex addiction” of the Atlanta mass shooting suspect and his so-called need to “take out that temptation,” she thought about purity culture and the blame-shifting that men embedded in it use to justify their behavior, including violence.   Ministers and activists say the [...]

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Southern states, high in STI and teen births rates, eye sex-ed changes  

Sex ed is on the mind of legislators across the South. Florida, Alabama and Mississippi are considering bills that could bring major changes to the type of sex education taught in their classrooms.   Every Southern state requires all sex education to emphasize abstinence-until-marriage as the best choice for young people. Under these state laws, schools must emphasize that [...]

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Medical cannabis proposals blaze across the South

Three more Southern states could soon create medical cannabis programs.  State legislators in Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina have filed or pre-filed bills establishing such programs.  These states would join Mississippi, the latest state to adopt a medical cannabis program, making it the 35th state to legalize medical cannabis. Mississippi used a ballot measure to get medical [...]

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Feeling some type of way? Contact your lawmaker

Education. Taxes. Healthcare. Zoning ordinances. Roads. Benefits. Your elected officials make a lot of decisions that affect your life at the local, state and federal levels. And you have the power to influence their decisions – whether it’s through your personal story, your expertise or your persistence. The 2021 legislative [...]

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New cannabis trade group hopes to ‘revolutionize’ Mississippi economy

Mississippi now has a trade association to provide information and support to those hoping to participate in the state’s soon-to-be medical marijuana program.  The newly formed Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association aims to help people interested in growing, cultivating and distributing medical cannabis, said founding member Melvin C. Robinson III.   “Mississippians are known for agriculture. [...]

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