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Hannah-Kate Williams sues Southern Baptist Convention, claiming defamation, failure to investigate sex abuse

In June, a Kentucky woman asked the Southern Baptist Convention to investigate sexual abuse by ministers within the denomination.   Now, Hannah-Kate Williams is suing the powerful evangelical religious organization, and its key leaders, alleging church leaders failed to adequately investigate Williams’ own reports in 2019, defamed her as a liar and “conspired to protect [...]

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Census says: The South is growing. Here’s where.

The South is growing, and results from the 2020 Census show the region is growing faster than any other region of the United States.   Ten Southern cities were among the 15 fastest-growing cities in the U.S., with the state of Texas having the most cities among the fastest-growing. Texas’ population grew 15.9 [...]

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Josh Harris, a key purity culture figure, created a course on losing your faith. A firestorm ensued.

The author of a now discontinued book that taught young Christians that dating could threaten their future relationships has created —and swiftly removed — a 5-week course on how to deal with religious trauma and find your own true beliefs.  Joshua Harris — the author in the center of the controversy — is an ex-pastor and leader of [...]

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‘A lot of wealth and rocket scientists’: Why Huntsville is now unaffordable for so many

Edy Aguilar works in and has friends in Huntsville, Ala., and is excited to get involved in the city’s ever-growing community. But finding an affordable place in the city is just beyond her reach. Huntsville is a hotspot for technology and aerospace jobs, with more jobs coming to the city every year. The city has expanded [...]

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How Chattanooga artist Ali Waller is casting sexual assault survivors in a new light 

At an installation that’s recently toured the country, each plaster bust has a story.   The creation of Chattanooga-based artist Ali Waller, the “/200” project features 940 busts of women, including Waller herself, who are sexual assault survivors sharing their story through sculpture.   The 22-year-old artist started working with plaster in 2020 after seeing the “Filthy Rich” documentary series, which explained how Jeffrey [...]

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