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How the Biden infrastructure plan addresses racial disparities

In the 70 years that have passed since the sprawling interstate highway system was built, which destroyed many Black and brown communities throughout the country and prompted decades of ignored protests, there has been little effort by the federal government to reverse the damage. A massive new federal program could [...]

Black Southerners and vaccination rates: Why transportation access is key

The racial inequities of the COVID-19 pandemic have been well documented over the last year. A disproportionate number of African Americans have died from the disease, while the subsequent economic and social impact hit Black people much harder than their white counterparts. And in solving the crisis, people of color [...]

By |2021-04-07T15:09:04-05:00April 5, 2021|Blackness, Education, Health, Race, Story|

Why payday loan use is up in the pandemic, and how you can avoid them

Payday lenders targeting low-income people is nothing new. The short term, high interest loans, which are often catered to minorities in rural areas, have the potential to create a spiral of debt that many struggle to free themselves from. In 2018, for example, over 33,000 payday loans were taken out [...]

By |2021-03-31T09:44:17-05:00March 31, 2021|Blackness, Economy, Health, Politics, Race, Story|

Beverly Wright: She’s spent a lifetime sounding the alarm on environmental racism

Born close to a highly polluted area along the Lower Mississippi River in Louisiana, Dr. Beverly Wright’s childhood experiences helped shape her research on the racial inequalities created by climate change.  In 1992, she founded the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice at Dillard University in New Orleans. The organization, [...]

By |2021-03-25T11:15:05-05:00March 23, 2021|Blackness, Justice, Race, Story|

Phyllis Hill: Atlanta organizer advocating to end mass incarceration, reduce gun violence

Phyllis Hill was born in 1979 in Hazelhurst, Ga., a small predominantly white city of 5,000 people. Her grandmother, a staunch missionary Baptist and an educator, primarily raised her and inspired her to become a prominent Black leader and organizer in the South, as well as having a deep appreciation [...]

By |2021-03-18T13:34:34-05:00March 18, 2021|Blackness, Economy, Justice, Race, Story|

Combating anti-Asian hate: Here’s a list of resources across the South

The killing of eight people in Atlanta Tuesday, which included six Asian women who worked at massage parlors, has come amid growing discrimination and violence against the Asian community across the country since the pandemic began a year ago. While official FBI data documenting hate crimes from 2020 will not [...]

By |2021-03-18T09:51:07-05:00March 17, 2021|Education, Justice, Life & Culture, Politics, Race, Story|

Virginia just abolished the death penalty. Is there a path for other Southern states to do the same?

About a decade ago, Virginia Republican state Sen. Bill Stanley made a decision that cost him three years of his political career. He helped kill a Republican-sponsored bill that would have expanded the death penalty to include accomplices of the so-called “triggerman.” In other words, a person who hadn’t killed [...]

By |2021-03-08T14:03:13-06:00March 4, 2021|Blackness, Justice, Politics, Race, Story|
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