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The story of Lex Gillette, a N.C. blind long jumper headed to the Paralympic Games

Back in 2004, a blind teenager from North Carolina sprinted down the 130-foot runway inside the Athens Olympic stadium in Greece, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic games and where the first modern games was hosted in 1896.   The magnitude of the moment didn’t overcome the 19-year-old who was competing [...]

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Hurricane season: Creative, low-cost ways to survive and recover

As climate change heats up our oceans, hurricanes will get stronger and more destructive. That’s bad news for everyone living on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. But it’s especially bad for the millions of low-income people who lack the resources to evacuate, properly prepare or recover. This year, the National [...]

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Do the people stressing over critical race theory even know what it is?

Over the last few months, you’ve probably read about the latest political brawl in the never ending culture wars: Critical Race Theory. It’s a complicated concept that largely explores how race and racism is experienced in the U.S. and how it intertwines with the functions of society. One of the [...]

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Black farmers’ leader: Why the USDA should do more about racism in agriculture 

John Boyd, a fourth-generation farmer from Virginia, bought his first farm at age 18 and quickly lost it after falling behind on mortgage payments and the federal government denied him several loans he needed to catch up. “It’s tough for all farmers, but when you throw in discrimination and racism [...]

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Confederate memorials persist at Southern military bases, SPLC says

Dozens of symbols celebrating the Confederacy remain at U.S military installations throughout the South, according to a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The report noted that an additional 64 memorials had been added to the SPLC’s military section of its Confederate symbol database, adding to the [...]

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Arkansas has a booming Hispanic population. Meet one group that’s been at the center of it

In Northwest Arkansas, close to the state borders with Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, a cultural metamorphosis has been taking place over the last 30 years. Nearly 40% of the residents in the small city of Springdale, once an overwhelmingly white city back in 1990, can trace their heritage to a [...]

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