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The ‘hate buffet’: Why designating hate groups is harder than ever

As the country continues to reflect on the deadly armed riot at the U.S. Capitol building last week, an event that stirred anger throughout the country and in Congress, it also appeared to highlight an uncomfortable alliance: the relationship between mainstream politics and far-right hate groups. Several known hate groups [...]

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Rep. Mo Brooks has sponsored just one bill that became law. What else has he done in Congress?

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks has sponsored just one bill that made it into law during his decade in Congress: the renaming of a U.S. Post Office in Alabama. Brooks, the embattled and unapologetic congressman from northern Alabama, has come under pressure after helping mobilize a contentious challenge of the recent [...]

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Some voted Trump, some backed Biden. What are their hopes for the future?

Both President Trump and the Biden/Harris campaign touted coalitions of voters supporting their campaigns. There were Climate Voters for Biden. Sportsmen for Trump. Latinos for both. With Congress set to certify the election results and the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next president and vice president, [...]

How this Covid nurse hoping to get pregnant made her decision about taking the coronavirus vaccine

In the days and months ahead, millions of Americans will be asked if they want the coronavirus vaccine, a mixture of mostly unpronounceable ingredients that prepare your immune system to fight the disease should you become infected. For most people, according to a November poll, the decision to take the [...]

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Mississippi teacher shortage fueled by student loan crisis, report shows

Over the last seven years, Mississippi’s public education system has seen a sharp decline in the number of students graduating from in-state teaching programs and pre-qualified teachers coming from different states. This is exacerbated by low and stagnating salaries and the rising cost of college education, according to a new [...]

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Student loan debt hits Black students hardest. Is help on the way?

James Craig, a 31-year-old Black man from Prichard, in South Alabama, has a complicated history with education. His father wouldn’t allow him to attend the local Black-majority high school, instead sending him to a school with better resources 10 miles away, where he was one of the few students of [...]

Biden eyes student loan relief as Southerners bear $330 billion debt burden

There could be relief on the horizon for the millions of people with student loan debt across the country and in the southeast. Recently, the incoming president and a top Democrat on Capitol Hill signaled a desire to address the student loan debt crisis. During a recent interview with The.Ink, [...]

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