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Black Joy: Black women, future Olympian winning during pandemic

Reach deeeep into the depths of your memory and see if you can recall when you were asked this question: What do you want to be when you grow up?   Do you remember what age you were or what your answer was? Fireman? Astronaut?   Yeah. I feel like kids aren’t even waiting to be asked that question anymore. [...]

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Amber Scales: Help Black women create a new South

While growing up in Georgia, Amber Scales learned that politics wasn’t so much about red and blue parties: it’s about the people and the movements that are making sure everyone is represented and heard.   Her lessons came from watching what she calls “community care practitioners” in her family. Among them, her mother, Juliette, an attorney-turned-Fulton County juvenile court judge.   Scales started her journey as next generation movement worker at the University of Alabama where she challenged “The Machine,” [...]

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The Black joy of Black excellence

Turn to your neighbor and say: “Your black excellence is magic.”  Notice I said “your” Black excellence, which doesn’t have to be this big, golden star achievement.   You kept your business afloat despite the pandemic? Black excellence.   You learned about the liberating power of rest this year? Black excellence.   Your day went all [...]

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David and Devin: Creating a Southern, Black, queer renaissance

The South has always been the stage of many forms of the country’s progress.   Theatre creatives Devin Franklin and David Parker want more nuanced Black, queer narratives in the spotlight. Between finishing classes at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and doing groundbreaking work with other creatives of color, 21-year-old Devin Franklin and 22-year-old David Parker, who both use he/they pronouns, host a podcast called “The Queer Code.” The themes range from humorous quarantine takes to emotionally raw rants [...]

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Steven McIntyre: Serving up southern progress on a plate

Steve McIntyre is making a career of whipping up poetry on a plate.   The 27-year-old Mobile, Ala., native gives his French-style fine dining training southern flare at Birmingham’s Eat At Panoptic food truck. Braised oxtails seasoned with the “Cajun Holy Trinity” of onion, bell pepper and celery perched atop a bed of sweet potato gnocchi and shrimp and grits [...]

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Kat Files: Stop sleeping on Black southern talent

Birminghamian Kat Files doesn’t appreciate people side-eyeing Black creatives from the South.     It’s a problem 28-year-old Files has bumped into multiple times as a professional dancer, model, and actress in New York City. Her passion for the arts has guided her to many opportunities, like being accepted into to the prestigious Fordham University/Ailey School BFA program [...]

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Jamie Lowe: The consequences of stereotypes

With a knack for listening and passion for both people and politics, Opelika’s Jamie Lowe may remind you of Barack Obama  – if the former president had a southern twang.  It’s a comparison the humbly confident Lowe may not accept, but he has built a pretty impressive political resume for himself.  A 20-year-old legal mediator at the Lee County Justice Center, Lowe ran for a [...]

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Black Joy: Believe in your own dopeness – and pass the (vegan) mac and cheese

Words of affirmation. Physical touch. Quality time. Acts of service. Receiving gifts.   Those are the five love languages according to Gary Chapman who literally wrote the book about these types of things. You know what really should be its own love language? Food.  We communicate love and comfort through food, and I’m excited to taste those [...]

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