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Lily Jackson is a journalist covering young southerners & culture for Reckon.

Need an abortion in Appalachia? ‘Holler’ at this West Va. group

Holler Health Justice launched in 2018 to fund abortions in West Virginia and Appalachia. Since, its mission has expanded to include providing free emergency contraception and harm reduction services.  In 2020, the organization provided $111,415 in abortion funding and other support. The group dispersed more than 6,000 units of emergency [...]

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This Alabama nonprofit is fighting ‘period poverty’ and restoring dignity to menstruating people

Aiko Pickering, a recent college graduate and Mobile, Ala., native, started Monthly in November 2020 to raise awareness about period poverty and provide menstrual products to people who need them.  Researchers found that 64% of women were unable to afford period products in 2017, according to a study conducted in [...]

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So you’re vaccinated. What will you do next?

As the COVID-19 vaccination becomes more readily available to Southerners, more questions arise. We asked our Reckon followers about their plans after getting their vaccines, and the responses were varied. Southern states have received the lowest number of vaccinations so far. In Georgia, only 9.8% of residents have received their [...]

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