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‘We can change some stuff’: Inside a youth-led voter group’s COVID era engagement

Mississippi Votes, a youth-led voter education and engagement organization, was already using innovative digital strategies. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit. But that opened up even more opportunities to get creative, said the group's executive director, Arekia Bennett. Bennett, a Jackson native who studied physics at Jackson State University, said the [...]

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The consistent, disciplined and thankless work of Black women in American politics

A few years ago, when Alabama Democrat Doug Jones narrowly won a U.S. Senate seat, there were more than a few news headlines suggesting that Black women, almost out of the blue, had become inspired to ramp up their organizing efforts to help deliver Jones the victory. Truth is, though, it's always been Southern Black women doing the in-the-trenches work of grassroots organizing in this country — from abolition to civil rights to women's equality.

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