The pandemic highlighted flaws in the child-care system. This Alabama advocate offers solutions.

The pandemic highlighted flaws in the child-care system. This Alabama advocate offers solutions.  More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, at least 1.4 million U.S. mothers of school-age children remain jobless after dropping out of the workforce during the pandemic’s early days, according to U.S. Census Bureau data.   Working parents have cited a lack of [...]

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‘Pause, learn, and respect each other’: One Afghan man, formerly a U.S. military interpreter, reflects on 9/11 and living as a Muslim in Georgia 

Before coming to the U.S. 12 years ago, Rohid Paiman was an interpreter for the U.S military for nearly a decade. He left behind his family believing that Afghanistan was in good hands having transitioned to a fledgling democracy after decades of war stretching back to 1979 when the Soviet [...]

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Fighting for legacy and Durham’s Black Wall Street

The entrepreneurial efforts of Black business men fueled Durham North Carolina’s Black Wall Street -- creating lasting institutions for excellence despite the threat to decimate Black communities with plans of urban renewal, highway construction and segregation.  The Black business community worked to ensure that opportunity in Durham remained available for [...]

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Want to help Afghan refugees? Here are resources from around the South

After two decades of war, Afghanistan is once again in the hands of the Taliban. The militia group, designated as a terrorist organization throughout the West, swept through the country as quickly as U.S. and its allies retreated. The speed of the offensive took many off guard and was complete [...]

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DaBaby: Why these Charlotte advocates think his ‘harmful’ comments will set back youth living with HIV

As DaBaby's recent use of homophobic and stigmatizing HIV language at a Miami music festival continues to draw fire, 11 national LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS organizations sent the North Carolina-based rapper an open letter requesting a private conversation about education, harm and advocacy. “We heard your inaccurate and harmful comments at [...]

‘Student debt is morally illegitimate’: How one group wants to abolish $511 billion in college loans for Southerners 

If President Biden does not extend the moratorium on student loan payments or cancel debt outright by Sept. 30, federal loan borrowers will have to resume paying back their student debt.  Earlier this week, the Biden Administration removed more than $55 million in debt from 1,800 student loan borrowers. Although [...]

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Hurricane season: Creative, low-cost ways to survive and recover

As climate change heats up our oceans, hurricanes will get stronger and more destructive. That’s bad news for everyone living on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. But it’s especially bad for the millions of low-income people who lack the resources to evacuate, properly prepare or recover. This year, the National [...]

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Do the people stressing over critical race theory even know what it is?

Over the last few months, you’ve probably read about the latest political brawl in the never ending culture wars: Critical Race Theory. It’s a complicated concept that largely explores how race and racism is experienced in the U.S. and how it intertwines with the functions of society. One of the [...]

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