Confederate memorials persist at Southern military bases, SPLC says

Dozens of symbols celebrating the Confederacy remain at U.S military installations throughout the South, according to a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The report noted that an additional 64 memorials had been added to the SPLC’s military section of its Confederate symbol database, adding to the [...]

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Arkansas has a booming Hispanic population. Meet one group that’s been at the center of it

In Northwest Arkansas, close to the state borders with Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, a cultural metamorphosis has been taking place over the last 30 years. Nearly 40% of the residents in the small city of Springdale, once an overwhelmingly white city back in 1990, can trace their heritage to a [...]

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How a Black violinist in Texas is decolonizing music in the classroom and beyond

When 12-year-old Armond Vance first picked up a violin, he wasn’t inspired by the classical notes of Bach or other European composers. He was jiving to a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” performed by DSharp, a Black Atlanta-based violinist, singer and producer. Now 24, Vance not only entertains listeners on [...]

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Confederate-named buildings persist on Southern campuses

In the 11 months since George Floyd was murdered, a moment that galvanized Black Lives Matter and similar movements throughout the country, powerful institutions were forced once again to reflect on their own questionable pasts. Colleges not only became a focal point for racial change, but they also became the [...]

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Black Southerners and vaccination rates: Why transportation access is key

The racial inequities of the COVID-19 pandemic have been well documented over the last year. A disproportionate number of African Americans have died from the disease, while the subsequent economic and social impact hit Black people much harder than their white counterparts. And in solving the crisis, people of color [...]

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Combating anti-Asian hate: Here’s a list of resources across the South

The killing of eight people in Atlanta Tuesday, which included six Asian women who worked at massage parlors, has come amid growing discrimination and violence against the Asian community across the country since the pandemic began a year ago. While official FBI data documenting hate crimes from 2020 will not [...]

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Fred Hampton’s deep Southern ties

Many American schools usually keep their Black History curriculum on the Civil Rights Movement narrowed to just a handful of people. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks — of course — John Lewis and his heroic act on Bloody Sunday and maybe a brief mention of Malcolm X.    Most students never learn about Fred Hampton, whose story is the subject of the recently [...]

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