A George Floyd protest leader on the Chauvin verdict, protecting her peace and the joy of roller skating

Tiffany Trotter was a teenager when she helped lead historic protests in the aftermath George Floyd’s murder. In the 11 months since, she gave a stirring speech in front of thousands in her hometown of Mobile, Ala., she has used that momentum to continue her activism and organizing around the [...]

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Fear and hope: The Alabama Amazon plant unionizing effort through a worker’s eyes

Last summer, Amazon worker Darryl Richardson was fed up with how he and his colleagues were being treated at work. Every part of their day was being tracked and recorded. Even going to the bathroom had become an ordeal. Too long off the job in a single day could result [...]

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Fred Hampton’s deep Southern ties

Many American schools usually keep their Black History curriculum on the Civil Rights Movement narrowed to just a handful of people. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks — of course — John Lewis and his heroic act on Bloody Sunday and maybe a brief mention of Malcolm X.    Most students never learn about Fred Hampton, whose story is the subject of the recently [...]

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