Why it matters that Alabama’s children of color will soon be the majority

Children of color will soon be the majority of children in Alabama, and people of color will make up the majority of the state’s workforce in a decade, according to a new report.  These findings were outlined in the Alabama Kids Count Data Book, published this month, which examines child-related quality-of-life characteristics like health, education and economic security on state and county levels. Due [...]

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How this Covid nurse hoping to get pregnant made her decision about taking the coronavirus vaccine

In the days and months ahead, millions of Americans will be asked if they want the coronavirus vaccine, a mixture of mostly unpronounceable ingredients that prepare your immune system to fight the disease should you become infected. For most people, according to a November poll, the decision to take the [...]

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The Reckon List 2021: These people are fighting to build the future South

Chokwe Lumumba, the late mayor of Jackson, Miss., used to say, "To change America, you have to change the South." That's been true since the first enslaved Africans were delivered to Virginia in 1619, a year before the Pilgrims landed up North, since the federal government was forced to cut [...]

At this COVID-19 unit, things were getting better. Now, its nurses fear a ‘tsunami’ is coming

Working in a hospital COVID-19 unit right now feels a little like being in a disaster flick, said Jake Perkins. A 24-year-old registered nurse in a medical intensive care unit at UAB, he’s caring for the hospital’s sickest COVID-19 patients.  “It reminds me of a movie about a tsunami,” he told Reckon. “You turn around and you see this wave coming at you.”  Recently, UAB Hospital hit a [...]

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Looking for better sex education? Try these resources

If you read our series on purity culture and sex education in the South and you’re hoping to make sex education better for your children and community, we’ve complied a list of resources to help you have better conversations about sexuality and relationships.   For parents  Talking to your children about their bodies and sex can be [...]

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Purity culture can impact long-term sexual health 

This story is part of a series about purity culture, sex education and the role of family, faith and communities in addressing the lasting impacts of purity culture’s teachings. Cultural norms surrounding sex in the South can lead to long-lasting physical effects such sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted infections and gynecological cancers, experts say.   Many [...]

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