A George Floyd protest leader on the Chauvin verdict, protecting her peace and the joy of roller skating

Tiffany Trotter was a teenager when she helped lead historic protests in the aftermath George Floyd’s murder. In the 11 months since, she gave a stirring speech in front of thousands in her hometown of Mobile, Ala., she has used that momentum to continue her activism and organizing around the [...]

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Emily Joy Allison: Reading, watching, and acting on purity culture

America and the evangelical church is wrestling with the ramifications of purity culture: a teaching that tells people they should not have any sexual contact before heterosexual, monogamous marriage. In some circles, purity culture also demonizes masturbation, sexual fantasies and even simply being attracted to or aroused by someone else. [...]

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For Tennessee lawmaker, Black Maternal Health Week is personal

In 2019, less than a year after London Lamar was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives, she suffered a devastating late-term pregnancy loss. Lamar herself nearly lost her life.  Since then, the Memphis-born Democrat has gained attention as a champion of maternal health issues in her role as a state legislator. Most recently, she introduced a resolution recognizing the [...]

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North Carolina lawmakers propose Black maternal health legislation 

A group of North Carolina legislators filed their own “Momnibus” act this month, a collection of state-level bills meant to address Black maternal health and the factors that contribute to disparities in health care, particularly for women of color.  The act was inspired by the federal Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021, introduced in Congress earlier [...]

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Fight over Mississippi medical cannabis gets airing in state’s high court

The saga of medical cannabis in Mississippi just won’t end, but we’re one step closer to knowing the fate of the state’s voter-approved medical cannabis provision, Initiative 65.  The Mississippi Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments from lawyers representing Mary Hawkins Butler, mayor of Madison, an affluent suburb north of [...]

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How the Biden infrastructure plan addresses racial disparities

In the 70 years that have passed since the sprawling interstate highway system was built, which destroyed many Black and brown communities throughout the country and prompted decades of ignored protests, there has been little effort by the federal government to reverse the damage. A massive new federal program could [...]

This Alabama nonprofit is fighting ‘period poverty’ and restoring dignity to menstruating people

Aiko Pickering, a recent college graduate and Mobile, Ala., native, started Monthly in November 2020 to raise awareness about period poverty and provide menstrual products to people who need them.  Researchers found that 64% of women were unable to afford period products in 2017, according to a study conducted in [...]

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Black Southerners and vaccination rates: Why transportation access is key

The racial inequities of the COVID-19 pandemic have been well documented over the last year. A disproportionate number of African Americans have died from the disease, while the subsequent economic and social impact hit Black people much harder than their white counterparts. And in solving the crisis, people of color [...]

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