Hurricane season: Creative, low-cost ways to survive and recover

As climate change heats up our oceans, hurricanes will get stronger and more destructive. That’s bad news for everyone living on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. But it’s especially bad for the millions of low-income people who lack the resources to evacuate, properly prepare or recover. This year, the National [...]

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‘What most kids need’: How one school community got SMART when its rural hospital closed

The only hospital in rural Pickens County, Ala., closed its doors for good just two weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  It was March 2020. The west Alabama county sits along the Mississippi state line, its landscape dotted with small towns. When the hospital closed in the county seat of Carrollton (pop. 1,000), Pickens County [...]

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Need an abortion in Appalachia? ‘Holler’ at this West Va. group

Holler Health Justice launched in 2018 to fund abortions in West Virginia and Appalachia. Since, its mission has expanded to include providing free emergency contraception and harm reduction services.  In 2020, the organization provided $111,415 in abortion funding and other support. The group dispersed more than 6,000 units of emergency [...]

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Dr. Ellen Eaton: Reading, watching, listening on COVID vaccines and teens

Recently, COVID vaccines were approved for children ages 12 and up. Vaccines for younger children are under evaluation in clinical trials. But even for infectious disease experts, the amount of information available to parents about COVID vaccines can be overwhelming.  Dr. Ellen Eaton is assistant professor at the Division of Infectious Diseases at [...]

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