Meet Alaina Comeaux, one of thousands of New Orleanians practicing mutual aid after Hurricane Ida

More than two weeks after hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, residents in New Orleans and in smaller coastal communities are still suffering. Down in the bayou, a couple of hours south of New Orleans, homes have been entirely pushed off their stilts and residents are in full survival mode. [...]

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Artist Colette Bernard wants you to know the South is no ‘lost cause’ (in many ways)

When Colette Bernard left Lafayette, La., for New York City, Bernard, who uses they/her pronouns, saw it as their great escape — from the small-town, Southern lifestyle that they felt never really fit.  After arriving in New York, it wasn’t long before Bernard began fighting for Southern representation when they [...]

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Read/Watch/Listen: Mississippi ACLU’s new LGBTQ-justice project leader McKenna Raney

Attorney McKenna Raney-Gray will lead the brand-new LGBTQ Justice Project, a free legal clinic at the ACLU of Mississippi that will offer services to LGBTQ-identifying people on issues including family law, civil rights and employment discrimination.  Raney-Gray shared with Reckon what she’s currently reading, watching and listening to on LGBTQ issues and culture.   [...]

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New Orleans, coastal Louisiana and Mississippi hurricane outreach: How to help

As Hurricane Ida continues north, residents in coastal Louisiana and Mississippi grapple with the mass destruction left by the joint most powerful hurricane to make landfall in Louisiana since records began. People living in New Orleans may be without power for weeks. Many aid groups, including the Federal Emergency Management [...]

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DaBaby: Why these Charlotte advocates think his ‘harmful’ comments will set back youth living with HIV

As DaBaby's recent use of homophobic and stigmatizing HIV language at a Miami music festival continues to draw fire, 11 national LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS organizations sent the North Carolina-based rapper an open letter requesting a private conversation about education, harm and advocacy. “We heard your inaccurate and harmful comments at [...]

‘Are these nails worth an argument?’: Why this Alabama drag queen works to maintain their family’s peace

“My dad has gotten sicker and sicker from heart issues…It’s hard for me to say, ‘Well I don’t come to your house because you don’t accept me and you don’t accept my relationship with my husband.’" Sam continued explaining the complexities of their family dynamic in an even, conversational tone [...]

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