Meet Shelby McEwen, Mississippi high jumper

On his journey to Tokyo, Shelby McEwen leapt from his native Mississippi to the University of Alabama to train in Louisville and, after the pandemic shut down his training facility, back home. McEwen, an Abbeville, Miss., native, was bummed about the Olympics' plan to skip opening ceremonies, but kept his [...]

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The story of Lex Gillette, a N.C. blind long jumper headed to the Paralympic Games

Back in 2004, a blind teenager from North Carolina sprinted down the 130-foot runway inside the Athens Olympic stadium in Greece, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic games and where the first modern games was hosted in 1896.   The magnitude of the moment didn’t overcome the 19-year-old who was competing [...]

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Meet Tray Wellington, the Black bluegrass banjoist breaking barriers in Appalachian ‘mountain music’

Mountain music has a long history of Black artists who often go unnoticed, their stories untold. But Tray Wellington, a Black three-finger-style banjo player born and bred in mountain culture has created his own authentic sound in bluegrass music.  Bluegrass music is traditionally depicted as overwhelmingly white, but is now [...]

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‘Are these nails worth an argument?’: Why this Alabama drag queen works to maintain their family’s peace

“My dad has gotten sicker and sicker from heart issues…It’s hard for me to say, ‘Well I don’t come to your house because you don’t accept me and you don’t accept my relationship with my husband.’" Sam continued explaining the complexities of their family dynamic in an even, conversational tone [...]

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