QAnon, Pizzagate and the Deep State: How to talk to the conspiracy theorists you love

Does it feel like the last 12 years have been thoroughly dominated by conspiracy theories? We’ve had President Barack Obama’s birth certificate conspiracy, Pizzagate, QAnon and now disproven theories that the election was stolen. Before that, conspiracy theories about such events as the assassination of JFK, the moon landings and [...]

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The ‘hate buffet’: Why designating hate groups is harder than ever

As the country continues to reflect on the deadly armed riot at the U.S. Capitol building last week, an event that stirred anger throughout the country and in Congress, it also appeared to highlight an uncomfortable alliance: the relationship between mainstream politics and far-right hate groups. Several known hate groups [...]

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Rep. Mo Brooks has sponsored just one bill that became law. What else has he done in Congress?

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks has sponsored just one bill that made it into law during his decade in Congress: the renaming of a U.S. Post Office in Alabama. Brooks, the embattled and unapologetic congressman from northern Alabama, has come under pressure after helping mobilize a contentious challenge of the recent [...]

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Medical cannabis proposals blaze across the South

Three more Southern states could soon create medical cannabis programs.  State legislators in Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina have filed or pre-filed bills establishing such programs.  These states would join Mississippi, the latest state to adopt a medical cannabis program, making it the 35th state to legalize medical cannabis. Mississippi used a ballot measure to get medical [...]

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