If Kamala was your daughter: South Asian and Jamaican moms stan the new VP

January 20, 2021 will go down in history as the day former U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris begins her term as U.S. vice president, the first woman of color to serve in the position.   Throughout her career, Harris has spoken about her South Asian and Jamaican roots with pride, especially when she [...]

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Rev. James Woodall: Georgia isn’t blue. It’s Black

The same day two Democratic senators secured their U.S. Senate seats, the Georgia NAACP tweeted: Georgia is not blue. It’s Black.   Black ballots helped President-elect Joe Biden win his campaign. Black women and grassroots activists reinvigorated voter engagement, which led to record-breaking voter turnout. Young Black Georgians like 26-year-old the Rev. James Woodall are [...]

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The legacy of Black Joy

The first two weeks of 2021 have felt like a whole month to me.   But I managed to catch a theme despite the chaos this week, and that is: What is your Black joy legacy?   While we often talk about legacies when our folks are no longer with us, it’s important to note how our words and actions build our legacies in the present day. [...]

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The ‘hate buffet’: Why designating hate groups is harder than ever

As the country continues to reflect on the deadly armed riot at the U.S. Capitol building last week, an event that stirred anger throughout the country and in Congress, it also appeared to highlight an uncomfortable alliance: the relationship between mainstream politics and far-right hate groups. Several known hate groups [...]

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Gabrielle Perry: Progressing criminal justice reform for Black women

Gabrielle Perry found some of the nicest women she has ever met within the pink-walled holding cells of East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in January 2014.   Then 21, the Louisiana native was arrested for committing payroll fraud during a time when her father’s death left her scavenging for money to pay for bills and medical expenses for her ill mother. Her charges have since been expunged, [...]

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‘Do it scared’: 8 tips by a Southern Black yogi to get you together

So, let’s be real for a moment.   Did seeing white fragility on full display at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday distract you from your goals this year?   No judgment if all that craziness threw you off. That’s understandable. Consider this inspiring story about Birmingham’s Black yogi, Adi Devta Kaur, to get you back on track.   This time last year, Kaur, also known as [...]

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