Rachel Pearson of Engage: Reading, watching, listening on women’s economic security, policy

Rachel Pearson founded women’s economic policy organization Engage, www.engagewomen.org, after working for years in Washington, D.C., and growing frustrated at the lack of bipartisanship in Congress. “Women outlive, outnumber and out vote men,” Pearson said. “The political power should be ours, and we should have a much larger impact on [...]

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Emily Joy Allison: Reading, watching, and acting on purity culture

America and the evangelical church is wrestling with the ramifications of purity culture: a teaching that tells people they should not have any sexual contact before heterosexual, monogamous marriage. In some circles, purity culture also demonizes masturbation, sexual fantasies and even simply being attracted to or aroused by someone else. [...]

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Fear and hope: The Alabama Amazon plant unionizing effort through a worker’s eyes

Last summer, Amazon worker Darryl Richardson was fed up with how he and his colleagues were being treated at work. Every part of their day was being tracked and recorded. Even going to the bathroom had become an ordeal. Too long off the job in a single day could result [...]

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For Tennessee lawmaker, Black Maternal Health Week is personal

In 2019, less than a year after London Lamar was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives, she suffered a devastating late-term pregnancy loss. Lamar herself nearly lost her life.  Since then, the Memphis-born Democrat has gained attention as a champion of maternal health issues in her role as a state legislator. Most recently, she introduced a resolution recognizing the [...]

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North Carolina lawmakers propose Black maternal health legislation 

A group of North Carolina legislators filed their own “Momnibus” act this month, a collection of state-level bills meant to address Black maternal health and the factors that contribute to disparities in health care, particularly for women of color.  The act was inspired by the federal Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021, introduced in Congress earlier [...]

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Fight over Mississippi medical cannabis gets airing in state’s high court

The saga of medical cannabis in Mississippi just won’t end, but we’re one step closer to knowing the fate of the state’s voter-approved medical cannabis provision, Initiative 65.  The Mississippi Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments from lawyers representing Mary Hawkins Butler, mayor of Madison, an affluent suburb north of [...]

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Beautiful, sacred and powerful: Inside the roller coaster fight for trans kids in Arkansas

When Arkansas became the first state to ban healthcare for transgender youth, Rumba Yambú felt both hurt and hope. A trans organizer, Yambú has spent the past four years creating a refuge of resources for Black, brown and immigrant trans people after co-founding InTRANSitive in Little Rock, Ark. The trans [...]

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In a rural Alabama town, young Southerners have created their own ‘magical community’

Sarah Cole, 32, is relaxing on the front porch swing with her partner, Robert Fitzpatrick, when her phone buzzes.  It’s a text from their friend, Tim Higgins, inviting them over. Tim and his partner, Aaron Head, live just across the street. The spring breeze ruffles at least half a dozen different windchimes strung along the porch [...]

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