More than step shows: Meet Jared Ball, the Morgan State professor debunking HBCU myths

If you attended a historically Black college or university, you've heard it all before. HBCU students spend their refund checks on Jordan's, crab legs and haircuts. Non-Black students only go to HBCUs for the free tuition.  HBCU presidents routinely run budget deficits by making bad financial decisions. HBCU alumni refuse [...]

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A child care crisis worsened in the pandemic. Meet the Southerners working to fix it.

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nancy Sylvester watched with growing concern as child care centers around her own center in Jackson, Miss. closed their doors – for good. “There was one center that was just down the street, the largest center in this area, which had been [...]

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A Baptist pastor fired for criticizing Trump shares what he’s learned about faith, finding peace and being on the right side of biblical teachings

Will Kopp was a Baptist preacher in the Virginia town of Stuarts Draft. Now, he’s an everyday member of a Presbyterian church, and he’s not looking to lead a congregation again.   Kopp was fired from his church in June 2020 after he gave a sermon criticizing evangelical Christians’ embrace of then-President Donald [...]

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