Fight over Mississippi medical cannabis gets airing in state’s high court

The saga of medical cannabis in Mississippi just won’t end, but we’re one step closer to knowing the fate of the state’s voter-approved medical cannabis provision, Initiative 65.  The Mississippi Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments from lawyers representing Mary Hawkins Butler, mayor of Madison, an affluent suburb north of [...]

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Black Power Heals: DeJuana Thompson sees travel as a love language

The “Black Power Heals” series exploring how our Southern Black freedom fighters from both past and present found peace and joy. You can click here to read more about how Black Southern women incorporated self-care techniques like yoga and meditation into their activism.  Also, take a minute to check out and join the Black [...]

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The inauguration of Black Joy

Biden who?   Oh, that’s right. President Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday, but the parade of Black magic stole the show historically, fashionably, poetically. Alla that!   It spilled into our homes as Black and brown women slipped on their pearls and Chucks to watch the inauguration with their daughters. And I am banking on a theory those Bernie memes got their start [...]

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