What is wealth?

If you watched this week’s episode of Money Talks, you know we explored what wealth actually is. (Spoiler alert: wealth and money are not the same thing).  If you have a lot of money or a lot of cool expensive stuff, you might be wealthy. But you may just be [...]

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How far does $15 stretch behind bars in Alabama? Find out at our virtual prison commissary

Click this direct link for the optimal Commissary Slips app experience. In Alabama, state prisoners say items purchased from commissaries are vital to their survival and comfort. But a Reckon investigation has found that the Alabama Department of Corrections pays most inmates nothing for the jobs they perform behind [...]

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Absentee voting, the USPS, and COVID-19: How to ensure your vote counts

The USPS is warning states that the federal government's defunding of its services could affect the 2020 election by delaying mail-in ballots. Many had hoped a wider mail-in option would help lower the risk of spreading COVID-19 at polling places. But this week, President Donald Trump has indicated he would [...]

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Black with COVID: Episode 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to everyday life for everyone in the United States, but it is disproportionately affecting Black Americans. Black Americans are being hospitalized and dying at a higher rate than most other groups in America. Reckon’s Dez Wilson, along with friends, healthcare professionals and more, [...]

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