‘All right to be a hero’: Meet the woman whose landmark case was the first Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued at the Supreme Court

One day in June 1999, Sharron Cohen stood nervously on steps of the U.S. Supreme Court facing a bank of photographers and lawyers. Beside her, appearing equally uncomfortable, was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.   “Do you enjoy this?” Cohen recalls whispering to Ginsburg.  “I mostly work,” Ginsburg muttered back, drily.  The occasion – a photo for a calendar celebrating the Women in Military Service for America Memorialin [...]

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I fight with my fingertips

Each week the Reckon Women newsletter includes a column from an Alabama woman, in collaboration with See Jane Write. Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Click here to sign up for the Reckon Women Facebook page. By Randi Pink This summer, a rumor began circulating around Birmingham [...]

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The consistent, disciplined and thankless work of Black women in American politics

A few years ago, when Alabama Democrat Doug Jones narrowly won a U.S. Senate seat, there were more than a few news headlines suggesting that Black women, almost out of the blue, had become inspired to ramp up their organizing efforts to help deliver Jones the victory. Truth is, though, it's always been Southern Black women doing the in-the-trenches work of grassroots organizing in this country — from abolition to civil rights to women's equality.

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