1809, 2020

What is wealth?

By |September 18, 2020|

If you watched this week’s episode of Money Talks, you know we explored what wealth actually is. (Spoiler alert: wealth and money are not the same thing).  If you have a lot of money or a lot of cool expensive stuff, you might be wealthy. But you may just be spending every penny you make.  Wealth is a measure of your assets and your liabilities. The Federal Reserve Bank even tracks this data. You can check out the interactive graph here.  In determining wealth, the Federal Reserve Bank looks at your assets and your liabilities. Assets are things you have that generate money. Liabilities cost you money. The goal is to have more assets than you do liabilities.  Assets include real estate, corporate equities and mutual funds, pension entitlements, private businesses and consumer durable goods. Consumer durable goods are things that don’t wear out quickly, like cars.  Liabilities include mortgages and other debt like student loans. The difference in your assets and liabilities is called your “net worth.” If your assets are worth more than the debt you owe, you have positive net worth.  If you’re just now understanding that wealth is more about your financial goals than the number [...]

905, 2020

As Alabama reopens, will people wear masks?

By |May 9, 2020|

Crowds gathered Tuesday afternoon in parking lots surrounding Huntsville Hospital. Parents and kids, grandparents and teens sat on tailgates and waited for a promised military flyover honoring hospital workers. Few were wearing masks, but none were crowded together, keeping mostly to their cars.