Welcome to Reckon|Creates, our series of virtual events and community classes that directly support Southern creators, makers, growers, crafters, and artisans. These creators teach their skills to the Reckon|Creates community firsthand, giving us an intimate learning experience and direct access to the experts.

First, join us on Facebook Live for free to have a chat with a creator to hear more about their story and the history of their craft. For those who are interested in learning more, sign up to participate in a Zoom class. All materials required to make the craft are included in the registration cost. In each class, you’ll get to ask questions, learn the tricks of the trade, and pick the brain of a professional artisan while still being safe at home.

In this event series, you’ll learn about canning and food preservation, sustainable flower growing and arranging, ceramics, woodworking, jewelry-making, leatherworks and more! You will be equipped with all the tools and knowledge to make a ceramic pour over for coffee, a leather satchel, canned cantaloupe preserves for your charcuterie board, a gorgeous bouquet of sustainably grown flowers, and some special projects yet to be announced!

Ceramics & Pottery

with Katherine Tucker of Civil Stoneware

Remember that lumpy pinch pot you made out of clay in elementary school that’s still on a desk somewhere holding change? Katherine Tucker of Civil Stoneware will teach you to make something out of clay that will actually look good AND be functional. Katherine’s pieces turn “the ordinary to the extraordinary,” by putting beauty in the details and turning mundane routines into something to be celebrated. For her first class, Katherine will teach us to make a ceramic coffee pourover to elevate this everyday ritual.


About the Host: 

I’ve always been compelled to create functional pieces with ceramic materials not only because I love making things, but due to the dichotomy at the root of the process. The opportunity to transform dirt to delicacy using raw materials of earth shaped into work created to elevate common household tools, continually inspires me to dream up more unique forms. The natural materials contain properties that promote health and healing which is close to my heart as I enjoy creating vessels that serve foods. Tablescapes are present for some of the most intimate conversation and I feel like the pieces carry that atmosphere of celebration and will one day tell a story of a time + place. The pieces I’ve collected over the years are like a tactile travel journal… each transporting me to a moment in time along with all the feels. Civil Stoneware Inc. is created with that in mind…to bring visual artistry and affection to your table while hopefully creating timeless memories along the way. Our studio is located in the heart of the civil rights district in Birmingham, Alabama.The collection is made by a team of artists led by Katherine Tucker, a potter who’s been throwing pots over 17 years. After completing her fine arts and design degree in Georgia, she moved to Alabama to intern at the Birmingham Museum of Art where she examined and cataloged ceramic pieces from the African and Pre-Columbian collections. Currently a prop stylist for photographers, magazines, and Ad agencies, Katherine feels these pieces are tools of the trade. Created to make stories + photos more interesting and life as a whole, more beautiful. This new line of wares is primitive & stripped down, yet elegant & timeless.

Photo Credit: Paula Coldiron

Tickets: $90

With each ticket purchased, you will be shipped everything you need to make a coffee pourover:

  • Clay
  • Pottery & Sculpting Tools
  • Instructions for Firing and Finishing

Maximum registrants: 25

Reckon|Creates – Origin Story on Reckon Facebook Live
Thursday, July 23th at Noon

Our Reckon Host will join Katherine in her studio (figuratively speaking) to take a look at how her process translates to practice, and how she transforms “dirt into delicacy using the raw materials of earth.” Ask Katherine questions about what goes into a beautiful tablescape, and about how her life philosophy is reflected in her ceramics and pottery.

Reckon|Creates – Class on Zoom
Tuesday, August 11th, 6 pm

Sign up for the class, and we’ll mail you (or you can pick up in downtown Birmingham) all the necessities you need to make a ceramic pour over for your coffee ritual. We’ve got you covered with everything you need for the project – sponges, loop tools, clay, cutters, and even a linen filter to use with your pourover once it’s dried and fired.

Past Classes

Canning & Food Preservation

with Trace Barnett

For his first class, author and chef Trace Barnett is taking us back to the basics, starting with canning. This staple of grandmothers’ pantries is a time-honored method of food preservation. It’s not just for pickles n’ peaches, though. Trace walks us through the best practices of making sure you’ve got healthy produce on hand, even when the power goes out.

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About the Host: 

Trace Barnett is the founder of The Bitter Socialite. A culinary and lifestyle blog that features creative and unique content about living a beautiful, well-balanced life while juggling a tight budget and a hectic schedule. Readers find easy, seasonal recipes, DIY projects, entertaining ideas, gardening tips, useful household how-to’s, decor, and much more. A popular guest on several television shows, Trace makes regular appearances on both “Good Day Alabama” on FOX 6 WBRC, and “Talk of Alabama” on ABC 33/40 in Birmingham. In Nashville, “Talk of the Town” on Newschannel5 WTVF. In Tupelo/ Columbus/Oxford, he appears on WLOV “This Morning” and WTVA “News at Noon.” In Atlanta, both Good Day Atlanta and Atlanta and Co. Trace was a finalist on The Next Food Network Star on Food Network. He was also a finalist on Food Network’s series Comeback Kitchen. Trace is the author of, Tracing Roots.Tracing Roots is Trace’s debut book, focused on taking a modern approach to living off the land. A culinary journey through the seasons, the recipes emphasize using ingredients at their peak. Trace’s entertaining tips, gardening ideas, recipes, and DIY projects have also been featured in Good Grit Magazine, Birmingham Magazine, Alabama Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Foodnetwork.com, Southernliving.com, Stylehomepage.com, AL.com, Newsweek, County Living, Alabama Gardener, Tennessee Gardener, Virginia Gardener, Oklahoma Gardener, Mississippi Gardener, Kentucky Gardener, Arkansas Gardener, Georgia Gardener, and Louisiana Gardener.

Tickets: $80 (including taxes & shipping)

With each ticket purchased, you will be shipped the following:

  • 12 Ball Pint Canning Jars with Canning Lids
  • 1 1.75 oz Sure Jell Premium Fruit Pectin
  • 1 Copy of Tracing Roots: A Modern Approach to Living Off the Land by Trace Barnett (a $27.95 value)

After registration, you will receive an email with link information for the Zoom class.  In addition to the items we provide you will need:

  • Dry measuring cup
  • Liquid measuring cup
  • Large pot
  • Ladle
  • 2 large bowls
  • 8 cups blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries
  • Fruit or vegetable of your choice!

Maximum registrants: 50

Reckon|Creates – Origin Story on Reckon Facebook Live
Thursday, July 9th at Noon

Join us for a Facebook Live with Trace. We’ll take a stroll through his gardens and beehives, and Reckon Host will chat with Trace about his book, Tracin’ Roots, what it’s like to carry on Southern farming traditions, and how to throw a party with nothing but a paper bag and a cracked tea cup. 

Reckon|Creates – Class on Zoom
Tuesday, July 28th, 6 pm

In this happy hour class, you’ll learn how to can and save produce for winter. Participants will get a package of everything they need. Get together some pints of your favorite produce from your farmer’s market (Tomatoes! Okra! Strawberries! Green beans! Peaches!), and we’ll all gather in our kitchens as Trace teaches us how to can the right way.

My very first memories in the kitchen are of canning and preserving fruits and vegetables alongside my grandmothers. Using the fresh produce we grew and harvested ourselves, we turned it into pickles, jams, jellies, and preserves. It was through my grandmas’ combined years  of experience and unique cooking styles that I learned many tips and tricks that make canning an enjoyable process. Canning is the sterilization and sealing of foods in airtight containers such as glass jars or tins for utilization in later seasons. Canning is also very helpful to make use of every morsel of produce that is harvested in the garden. Some common terms to familiarize yourself with are blanching, sterilizing, processing, and pasteurizing. We’ll go through the basics of each, along with how the acid content of your food affects the canning process, and how to can without specialized equipment. There is a misconceived notion that the task of canning is daunting and challenging. Learn how to make a delicious cantaloupe spread for your charcuterie boards, a blueberry jam, and can a fruit or vegetable of your choice! 

Flower Arranging

with Natasha McCrary

The art of creating a beautiful bouquet is a skill every Southerner should have in their hospitality repertoire. Learn the secrets to designing beautiful and balanced bouquets with Amazon’s Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year winner, Natasha McCrary of 1818 Farms. Located in Mooresville, AL, Natasha started 1818 Farms with a simple mission, to “preserve history and honor tradition” through handmade products and a sustainable lifestyle. Natasha began her Seed to Vase initiative to educate the public on how to identify, grow, harvest, and arrange seasonally grown flowers. During the live workshop, Natasha will not only showcase the beauty flowers can bring to your home, but also explain the thought process behind specific stem selection for creating a balanced bouquet for any occasion.


About the Host: 

The matriarch of 1818 Farms is Natasha McCrary. Natasha grew up in Florence, Alabama and attended the University of Alabama for her college education. In 1994, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS degree in Marketing. After graduation, Natasha moved to Atlanta to work for Andersen Consulting as a Systems Engineer. In 1996, Natasha married Laurence McCrary and she was hired by Novartis Pharmaceuticals as a sales representative to be based in Birmingham. Ultimately in 2000, Natasha became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of the couple’s first child. Ever the empathic entrepreneur, Natasha started “Children First” in 2008 as an outreach group that would work hands-on with Huntsville’s neediest children. Natasha served as the Director of Children First until 2013 and under her watch, Children First served over 25,000 meals to children in need.

The McCrary’s relocated to Mooresville, Alabama in August of 2005 where their family grew with two more children over the years. In 2011, Natasha became interested in starting a family-run farm to teach her children about sustainability and the importance of the land. Natasha had no experience raising farm animals like Southdown Babydoll sheep, let alone running a farm. But she had an idea of how she could make it work: combine the farm with a small business that would help cover the cost of food for the animals. The result, a flourishing flower farm and a line of all-natural beauty and lifestyle products focused on sustainability.

Photo Credit: Olivia Reed

Tickets: $115

With each registration you will be provided the following kit:

  • Hand-cut flowers from 1818 Farms 50-65 stems
  • Porcelain Vase 4.25″ x 7.75″
  • Black Floral Bucket
  • 1818 Farms Best-selling Shea Creme
  • Cuticle Balm Tin

You must pick up your flower arranging kit between 8 am and 2 pm at your chosen location on Tuesday, July 14th.
The addresses for each location are as follows:

2117 Metro Circle, Suite A, Huntsville, AL 35801
Call 256-489-0777 if you have any issues

KC Projects PR – 2719 18th Pl S, Birmingham, AL 35209
Call 205-937-7683 if you have any issues

Mooresville, AL:
24889 Lauderdale St, Mooresville, AL 35649
Call 256-489-0777 if you have any issues

Maximum registrants: 25. 

Reckon|Creates – Origin Story on Reckon Facebook Live
Thursday, June 25th at noon

Summer flowers will be blooming at 1818 Farms and their adorable Southdown Babydoll sheep will be making appearances around the property. Join us on Facebook Live as Natasha strolls through the gardens and tells us the backstory of her farm, and how it has grown to include animals as well as a line of handcrafted skincare products that are available throughout the United States. 

Reckon|Creates – Class on Zoom
Tuesday, July 14th, 6 pm

In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of arranging seasonally grown flowers. Natasha will provide each participant with a bucket of stems harvested from her 11,000 different blooms on the farm, along with a vase and a jar of 1818 Farms best-selling Shea Creme and a Cuticle Balm tin. Participants will pick up workshop packages at either KC Projects PR in Birmingham, AL, the 1818 Farms Corporate Office in Huntsville. AL or the farm located in Mooresville, AL.

With your workshop registration, you will receive: 

  • 2 Skincare Products from 1818 Farms
  • 1 Vase approximately 4.25″ x 7.75″
  • 1 Black Floral Bucket
  • 50-60 stems 1818 Farms Cut Flowers