2010, 2020

Catherine Flowers, ‘genius grant’ winner, credits Black power activism for success

By |October 20, 2020|

When the Earth is ill, so are its people.   Catherine Flowers saw hints of that sickness growing up during the 1960s in Lowndes County, Ala., a predominantly Black rural area with fewer than 10,000 people. She noticed how both animals and vegetation bowed and browned in death after farmers sprayed clouds of DDT, a pesticide eventually found to be lethal to the environment.  “If this is [...]

1910, 2020

America’s racial wealth gap explained

By |October 19, 2020|

On this week’s episode of Money Talks, Reckon discusses the racial wealth gap in America.  The racial wealth distribution does not correlate with the racial demographics of America. White Americans have a disproportionately large percentage of the wealth in America compared to people of color. Data from the Federal Reserve [...]

1210, 2020

Islamic mortgages: A less risky way to buy a home

By |October 12, 2020|

Buying property can be a formidable process. Aside from the so-called fundamentals of looking for a home — dealing with a bank, arranging inspections and signing piles of paperwork — you also have to think about the long-term financial risks involved. Will your house lose value? Will you end up [...]

210, 2020

The South still lags U.S. on paying women fairly

By |October 2, 2020|

Alabama still has one of the widest gender wage gaps in the nation, and most of the South follows suit, a Reckon analysis shows. Nationally, women make 82 cents for every dollar paid to men, with an annual gap of $9,774. Southern women earn less, around 78 cents on average.  Women in [...]

2909, 2020

Amanda Shires confronts ‘The Problem’ with abortion in the South through new song

By |September 29, 2020|

Amanda Shires wants people who have had abortions to feel less alone in their decision. The Grammy-winning singer and songwriter released “The Problem,” about a couple navigating the decision to have an abortion, on International Safe Abortion Day. All proceeds will benefit Alabama’s Yellowhammer Fund, an abortion fund and [...]

2909, 2020

Want to retire early and still have fun? With aggressive investing and frugal living, it’s possible

By |September 29, 2020|

As the global pandemic continues to heap financial concerns upon millions of Americans, including mass unemployment and fears over an economic recovery, retirement may not be your biggest concern right now. But the stock market, which holds most of our retirement hopes in its mind-boggling numbers and graphs, continues to [...]

2409, 2020

Widowed at a young age, she turned tragedy into a catalyst for supporting women’s financial planning

By |September 24, 2020|

Emily Lassiter is an attorney turned financial advisor and mother of two who lives in Birmingham, Ala. She co-founded The Wealth Edit, an online, membership-based community for women looking to learn more about personal finance with Emily Pearson, another Birmingham-based financial advisor. Emily talks about losing her husband at [...]

2409, 2020

Reckon Women share: If I knew then what I know now about money

By |September 24, 2020|

Women in America hold less than one-third the wealth of men. Motherhood and race further complicate women’s lifetime wealth earning potential.In this season of Money Talks, Reckon explores wealth — who has it and how to grow it.Reckon asked members of the Reckon Women Facebook group to share what they [...]

2009, 2020

‘All right to be a hero’: Meet the woman whose landmark case was the first Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued at the Supreme Court

By |September 20, 2020|

One day in June 1999, Sharron Cohen stood nervously on steps of the U.S. Supreme Court facing a bank of photographers and lawyers. Beside her, appearing equally uncomfortable, was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.   “Do you enjoy this?” Cohen recalls whispering to Ginsburg.  “I mostly work,” Ginsburg muttered back, drily.  The occasion – a photo for a calendar celebrating the Women in Military Service for [...]

1809, 2020

What is wealth?

By |September 18, 2020|

If you watched this week’s episode of Money Talks, you know we explored what wealth actually is. (Spoiler alert: wealth and money are not the same thing).  If you have a lot of money or a lot of cool expensive stuff, you might be wealthy. But you may just be [...]

1609, 2020

I fight with my fingertips

By |September 16, 2020|

Each week the Reckon Women newsletter includes a column from an Alabama woman, in collaboration with See Jane Write. Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Click here to sign up for the Reckon Women Facebook page. By Randi Pink This summer, a rumor began circulating around Birmingham [...]

1409, 2020

Reckon Women launches ‘Be Better’ virtual event series

By |September 14, 2020|

Reckon Women is launching a monthly Zoom panel series we're calling “Be Better.” Each month we will hear from extraordinary women across various backgrounds to discuss how we can be better in different areas of life. Our inaugural "Be Better" panel on Thursday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. will [...]

109, 2020

‘We can change some stuff’: Inside a youth-led voter group’s COVID era engagement

By |September 1, 2020|

Mississippi Votes, a youth-led voter education and engagement organization, was already using innovative digital strategies. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit. But that opened up even more opportunities to get creative, said the group's executive director, Arekia Bennett. Bennett, a Jackson native who studied physics at Jackson State University, said the [...]

2908, 2020

‘Stand your ground’: Black drivers have always found creative paths into racing despite racism and financial barriers

By |August 29, 2020|

By Christopher Harress Reckon Staff Writer On a Sunday afternoon in late 1963, on a ramshackle dirt speedway in northeast Florida, a powder blue Chevrolet Bel Air swept to victory and became an iconic part of Black sports history. The 5,000 people in attendance that cold December day did not [...]

2508, 2020

The consistent, disciplined and thankless work of Black women in American politics

By |August 25, 2020|

A few years ago, when Alabama Democrat Doug Jones narrowly won a U.S. Senate seat, there were more than a few news headlines suggesting that Black women, almost out of the blue, had become inspired to ramp up their organizing efforts to help deliver Jones the victory. Truth is, though, it's always been Southern Black women doing the in-the-trenches work of grassroots organizing in this country — from abolition to civil rights to women's equality.

1507, 2020

New Reckon top editor, leadership

By |July 15, 2020|

Veteran journalist and news leader Ryan “R.L.” Nave has joined Reckon as its top editor where he will lead editorial strategy for the brand and oversee its multi-platform digital expansion to serve millennials and Gen-Xers who live in the Deep South. Nave was editor-in-chief of Mississippi Today from May 2018 [...]

1206, 2020

“Coming together to fight injustice”

By |June 12, 2020|

Over the last week, thousands of people across Alabama have turned out to protest police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Pictured is Mia Speights of Birmingham.

1206, 2020

‘I’m scared of you,’ young speaker says to police officer at Huntsville city council meeting

By |June 12, 2020|

They came to the Huntsville city council to ask questions and levy criticism after police twice last week released tear gas to break up protests over the death of George Floyd. More than three dozen people spoke, some firing harsh words at Huntsville police Chief Mark McMurray and Mayor Tommy Battle and others wanting to know why the protests were halted in a militaristic manner.

906, 2020

Kneeling is healing

By |June 9, 2020|

Kneeling is healing. Listen. Look around. Pay attention. Who is humble? Who is kneeling? Listen. Love.

806, 2020

University of Alabama, in first step, to remove three Confederate plaques from campus

By |June 8, 2020|

Three Confederate memorial plaques are to be removed from the University of Alabama campus. The decision came from the Board of Trustees of the UA System, in consultation with Stuart Bell, UA president, according to a release from the UA System on Monday afternoon. The three plaques are located on and in front of the Gorgas Library, and they will be relocated to a “more appropriate historical setting.”

506, 2020

Admiral Raphael Semmes statue removed overnight

By |June 5, 2020|

The 120-year-old Confederate statue of Admiral Raphael Semmes was removed overnight without any warning by the City of Mobile. The removal comes after days of peaceful protest in the Port City and after Birmingham removed its Confederate memorial in Linn Park Monday and Tuesday.

506, 2020

Books on racial justice, anti-racism fly off bookstore shelves

By |June 5, 2020|

Major retailers and local bookstores alike have seen a surging demand for books about racial justice as protests and demonstrations against police brutality have been held around the world. Of the top 20 best-selling books on Amazon the morning of June 5, 14 of those books were about racial equality.

406, 2020

Protest at Memorial Park in Mobile

By |June 4, 2020|

This young child is protesting today on the edge of Mobile’s Memorial Park. Situated between a monument to those who died in the Great War fighting against colonial powers and a Confederate Civil War cannon, around 100 young activists lined the park to protest the death of George Floyd and other black people who have died at the hands of police officers. 📸 @charress

406, 2020

Protest in Mobile is young, diverse and very peaceful

By |June 4, 2020|

Situated between a World War I monument and a Confederate Civil War cannon, around 100 young activists gathered in Mobile’s Memorial Park Thursday afternoon to protest the death of George Floyd and other black people who died at the hands of police. Compared to the civil unrest seen in Mobile on Sunday and in Birmingham and Huntsville over the last five days, Thursday’s protest in the Port City was remarkably different. Protesters, who lined Old Government Street and Government Street, were young, diverse, and very peaceful.

206, 2020

Father and Daughter at Mobile Protest

By |June 2, 2020|

Sweet father and daughter moment at a very peaceful and uplifting protest in West Mobile Tuesday evening. The protests were led by passionate high school and college-aged kids.

206, 2020

Mobile, Alabama Protest

By |June 2, 2020|

Young protesters just off Airport Boulevard in Mobile. They wanted to march down on the main road but MPD Chief Lawrence Battiste threatened to arrest them if they stopped the regular flow of traffic. They stuck to the fringes of a nearby parking lot.

106, 2020

Birmingham Protests May 31, 2020

By |June 1, 2020|

Windows were smashed, small businesses looted, and a statue of Thomas Jefferson was set on fire Sunday night in Birmingham after protestors' attempted and failed to bring down a confederate monument in Linn Park. Protests erupted across the country this weekend in response to the police killing of George Floyd on May 25.

2105, 2020

Reckon’s Handy Guide

By |May 21, 2020|

Why would a white person want to use that word? Even if you don't mean harm, if you know that it causes painful feelings to surface or be interpreted as hateful toward people of color, is it worth it to sing it?

1505, 2020

Reproductive justice non-profit buys Alabama abortion clinic

By |May 15, 2020|

The director of the Yellowhammer Fund, a non-profit that provides financial assistance for abortions in Alabama, said she was considering shutting down the organization amid financial worry before Alabama passed a law banning near all abortions in the state in May 2019 . One year later, after an influx of more than $2 million in donations from across the country in the immediate aftermath of the ban and the support of 1,200 monthly financially sustaining members, the fund now owns and operates the West Alabama Women’s Center, one of three of remaining abortion clinics in the state.

905, 2020

As Alabama reopens, will people wear masks?

By |May 9, 2020|

Crowds gathered Tuesday afternoon in parking lots surrounding Huntsville Hospital. Parents and kids, grandparents and teens sat on tailgates and waited for a promised military flyover honoring hospital workers. Few were wearing masks, but none were crowded together, keeping mostly to their cars.

805, 2020

How are extroverts finding purpose without people?

By |May 8, 2020|

The unmistakable riff from the early ’90s grunge hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit," by Nirvana has been keeping Anna Mahan busy in quarantine. Mahan, a recent graduate of the University of North Alabama, has been trying to fill every moment of self-isolation with engaging activities, like learning chords on her new guitar, streaming shows, and reading books. In a non-pandemic world, the self-described extrovert would be working closely with others at her now-canceled internship in Honduras.

711, 2019

Reckon Women: Pre-term Infant Loss and Heartache

By |November 7, 2019|

"Hold on to hope, Mothers. We are some of the strongest people God ever created." Warning: This video discusses graphic elements of infant loss. These brave women shared their hearth-wrenching stories of pregnancy complications and infant loss with us for Reckon | Women. Did you know that Alabama has the highest pre-term birth rate in the nation, behind only Mississippi?

206, 2019

Voicing the Violence: Reflection on Lynching Memorial

By |June 2, 2019|

It's been more than a year since The National Memorial for Peace and Justice opened in Montgomery. Since then, nearly half a million people have visited. In a moving tribute, Reckon's Starr Dunigan reflects on why it's important we remember those lynched by mobs in Alabama and around the country.