3107, 2020

Black with COVID: Episode 1

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to everyday life for everyone in the United States, but it is disproportionately affecting Black Americans. Black Americans are being hospitalized and dying at a higher rate than most other groups in America. Reckon’s Dez Wilson, along with friends, healthcare professionals and more, will explore through a personal lens the experience of battling the virus.  

1007, 2020

Alabama police officer reunites with his children after recovering from COVID

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By Dez Wilson Harry Wills Jr., a Birmingham, Ala., police officer recently shared his story of battling COVID-19 on TikTok. Wills is the father of four children, with his oldest recently enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Wills explained on TikTok that he passed out at work in mid-June, one day after seeing his children. Two days later, he tested positive for COVID-19. One month later, after testing negative, he surprised his children, who rejoice at the sight of their father. Wills has returned to his duties as a Birmingham police officer, and is ecstatic to be reunited with his family.

206, 2020

Mobile, Alabama Protest

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Young protesters just off Airport Boulevard in Mobile. They wanted to march down on the main road but MPD Chief Lawrence Battiste threatened to arrest them if they stopped the regular flow of traffic. They stuck to the fringes of a nearby parking lot.

904, 2020

The Reckon Interview: Season 2

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You can’t understand America without understanding the South. And Southerners are changing the music America listens to, the movies we watch, the food we eat, and the stories we share. Each week on The Reckon Interview, host John Hammontree talks with some of the South’s most interesting thinkers and creators. They'll talk about how this place shaped them and how they’re reshaping the South.

801, 2020

Bryan Stevenson on ‘Just Mercy’

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"I hope people will take from this that, if we resolve to do better, we have the power to do better," Alabama innocence lawyer and Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson says about the new film, 'Just Mercy'. "We can create a more reliable, more just system. But it takes all of us." "Just Mercy," which features Michael B Jordan playing Stevenson and Jamie Foxx as his client, Walter McMillan, and is in theatres everywhere Friday.

711, 2019

Reckon Women: Pre-term Infant Loss and Heartache

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"Hold on to hope, Mothers. We are some of the strongest people God ever created." Warning: This video discusses graphic elements of infant loss. These brave women shared their hearth-wrenching stories of pregnancy complications and infant loss with us for Reckon | Women. Did you know that Alabama has the highest pre-term birth rate in the nation, behind only Mississippi?